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    Meta Ad Content Suite

Led development of a series of ads designed for optimal placement on Meta, with a primary focus of achieving high engagement and robust conversion rates. Targeted efforts on Facebook yielded remarkable results, boasting 99% increase in sales conversions year over year.

At the heart of  success lay a strategic approach to art direction, seamlessly blending the promotion of natural ingredients with an elevated and elegant brand appeal. My role encompassed various tasks, including art direction, caption copywriting, and placement strategy within feed.

Orchestrated  integration of these ads with landing pages and editorial content on the brand blog, ensuring a seamless and compelling user journey. 

    Petite Histoire
    Digital Editorial

Continuously curating a series of digital editorials, I enhanced the allure of a luxury, all-natural perfume brand by infusing it with a captivating lifestyle component. 

Through meticulous art direction and styling guidance, I ensured each editorial piece exuded an elevated appeal that resonated with the brand's discerning audience.

Central to the success of these editorials was the evocative use of ingredient references, weaving them seamlessly into the visual narrative to convey the essence of the perfumes in a compelling manner. 

This approach not only elevated the brand's image but also established a deeper connection with consumers by immersing them in the brand's world of luxury and natural authenticity.

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    Digital Editorial

Crafting an ongoing series of digital editorials, I directed the spotlight onto the natural ingredients at the core of our brand's ethos. Through the lens of macro photography, we showcased these ingredients in a luxurious, high-end, and art-forward manner, captivating our audience with their exquisite details and beauty.

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    Digital Editorial

Creating a holiday series of illustrated works, I breathed life into the 1920s brand world with a captivating blend of engagement, festivity, and elegance. 

Through a combination of stop-motion style animations and intricate illustrations,  content took center stage on Instagram Reels, captivating audiences with charm.

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    Brand Revamp

Leading a comprehensive brand revamp initiative, I orchestrated a series of transformative changes to elevate every aspect of the brand's presence and performance. This encompassed a dynamic array of endeavors, including the conception and implementation of a striking new logo design, a strategic motion graphics strategy to enhance brand storytelling, and the development of a cutting-edge e-commerce platform engineered for heightened conversion rates and seamless usability.

Central to the strategy was a renewed focus on SEO-driven editorial content, crafted to resonate with target audiences and drive organic traffic to unprecedented heights, achieving a remarkable 500% year-over-year increase.

In tandem with these digital enhancements, I spearheaded the redesign of our packaging, introducing custom glass bottles and high-end components to position our brand competitively within the luxury marketplace. Complementing this aesthetic refinement, I introduced handcrafted rigid boxes in the distinctive shape of a hexagon, further elevating the brand's visual identity and tactile experience.

Navigating global logistics complexities, I established manufacturing partnerships in key locations including France, China, and the USA, ensuring seamless production and distribution on a global scale. This holistic approach to brand revitalization not only enhanced our aesthetic appeal and digital presence but also fortified our position as a leader in the luxury market segment.

Garnier USA 
Hair Tutorials

Revamping Garnier's social strategy, I led the shift from relying solely on user-generated content (UGC) to crafting distinctive visuals. 

I developed a dynamic stop-motion style for accessibility and repurposing, while also ensuring the brand stood out on various platforms. Meticulous casting and wardrobe choices infused the tutorials with a youthful, engaging vibe. 

Project scope grew from single project, to content suite featuring a series of 25 full-length tutorials and numerous cut-downs, amplifying Garnier's online presence and owned  content.

Garnier USA
#HowIMask Campaign

Creative strategy, art direction, and delivery of 20 video assets.

In 3 weeks, tasked with 360 campaign for new sheet mask collection to replace AOR assets that were off-brand and off strategy.

Aired across organic and paid social, and on Hulu and ABC digital as :15 spot.

Garnier USA
Nutrisse, Olia, and Nutrisse Ultra Color

In a meticulous casting process, I selected 13 models to represent 15 distinct hair colors, collaborating closely with L’Oréal Color professionals to ensure each girl possessed the right hair type, texture, and suitability for the coloring process.

Crafting a series of social content tailored to resonate with a traditionally Millennial audience, I skillfully balanced looks and styling to also appeal to the older demographic currently purchasing products in stores.

Over the course of a 5-day shoot, we captured 75 different hairstyles, each meticulously styled to elevate our #GarnierGirl aesthetic while accentuating the beauty of the hair itself.

For the 2017 launch of Nutrisse Ultra Color, which featured bold, boosted colors inspired by social media trends, we adjusted our strategy to infuse a slightly edgier feel into our #GarnierGirls, aligning our content with the evolving tastes and preferences of our target audience.

Garnier USA
SkinActive Naturals

To launch Garnier's new natural skincare line, I devised a dynamic campaign targeting Millennials, aiming to differentiate amidst a market cluttered with greenwashing.

Crafting a multifaceted creative strategy, I prioritized a digital-first approach while honoring the essence of natural ingredients. Central to the campaign was a celebration of these ingredients, presented through a contemporary pop art lens to ensure relevance and freshness.

Drawing inspiration from social media trends, I incorporated holographic and mermaid aesthetics into a diverse range of assets including product shots, lifestyle imagery, stop-motion animations, GIFs, and short videos.

In casting and wardrobe selection, I curated a visual narrative that reflected the line's commitment to natural authenticity with a modern twist. Opting for individuals exuding edge over the traditional Garnier aesthetic, I styled them in sequins, shredded denims, and pastel tones, aligning their personas with the brand's contemporary ethos.

Garnier USA
Fructis Hair Treats

Launching a single product line with diverse asset usage needs, I devised a versatile strategy to meet the requirements of both social media and traditional retail channels. With limited shoot time, maximizing efficiency was key to ensure we could fulfill all needs effectively.

For the social-first approach, I devised a vibrant and bold campaign tailored to resonate with a younger demographic. Leveraging the compact packaging and bold colors, we drew inspiration from pop art and natural ingredients to create an eye-catching and memorable visual narrative. Incorporating animation, nail art, and accessories injected personality and ensured our campaign stood out in crowded social feeds.

Simultaneously, we recognized the importance of producing assets suitable for retailer point-of-purchase displays and e-commerce channels. To meet this requirement, we captured more standard lifestyle assets, showcasing the product in everyday scenarios to highlight its versatility and appeal across various contexts. 

This dual approach enabled us to effectively engage both online and offline audiences while maximizing the product's visibility and market impact.