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Garnier USA
SkinActive Naturals

To launch Garnier's new natural skincare line, I devised a dynamic campaign targeting Millennials, aiming to differentiate amidst a market cluttered with greenwashing.

Crafting a multifaceted creative strategy, I prioritized a digital-first approach while honoring the essence of natural ingredients. Central to the campaign was a celebration of these ingredients, presented through a contemporary pop art lens to ensure relevance and freshness.

Drawing inspiration from social media trends, I incorporated holographic and mermaid aesthetics into a diverse range of assets including product shots, lifestyle imagery, stop-motion animations, GIFs, and short videos.

In casting and wardrobe selection, I curated a visual narrative that reflected the line's commitment to natural authenticity with a modern twist. Opting for individuals exuding edge over the traditional Garnier aesthetic, I styled them in sequins, shredded denims, and pastel tones, aligning their personas with the brand's contemporary ethos.