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Garnier USA
Nutrisse, Olia, and Nutrisse Ultra Color

In a meticulous casting process, I selected 13 models to represent 15 distinct hair colors, collaborating closely with L’Oréal Color professionals to ensure each girl possessed the right hair type, texture, and suitability for the coloring process.

Crafting a series of social content tailored to resonate with a traditionally Millennial audience, I skillfully balanced looks and styling to also appeal to the older demographic currently purchasing products in stores.

Over the course of a 5-day shoot, we captured 75 different hairstyles, each meticulously styled to elevate our #GarnierGirl aesthetic while accentuating the beauty of the hair itself.

For the 2017 launch of Nutrisse Ultra Color, which featured bold, boosted colors inspired by social media trends, we adjusted our strategy to infuse a slightly edgier feel into our #GarnierGirls, aligning our content with the evolving tastes and preferences of our target audience.