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Garnier USA
Fructis Hair Treats

Launching a single product line with diverse asset usage needs, I devised a versatile strategy to meet the requirements of both social media and traditional retail channels. With limited shoot time, maximizing efficiency was key to ensure we could fulfill all needs effectively.

For the social-first approach, I devised a vibrant and bold campaign tailored to resonate with a younger demographic. Leveraging the compact packaging and bold colors, we drew inspiration from pop art and natural ingredients to create an eye-catching and memorable visual narrative. Incorporating animation, nail art, and accessories injected personality and ensured our campaign stood out in crowded social feeds.

Simultaneously, we recognized the importance of producing assets suitable for retailer point-of-purchase displays and e-commerce channels. To meet this requirement, we captured more standard lifestyle assets, showcasing the product in everyday scenarios to highlight its versatility and appeal across various contexts. 

This dual approach enabled us to effectively engage both online and offline audiences while maximizing the product's visibility and market impact.