There are few things more important to a well lived life than fragrance. Scent connects to memory in a way that’s so powerful and potent, and I think the easiest way to affect change is to explore a new fragrance. Whether cologne or perfume, or candles, these are easy ways to explore new places, all without having to go anywhere.

Recently the team over at Archipelago got in touch and asked if I would indulge in one of their Private Reserve candles. I was intrigued by the description of No. 54, a scent based on vetiver and citrus, and I have to say, it’s been a delight far more than I could have hoped.

Archipelago describes the scent as such:

Few places in the world awaken the senses more than the lively colors, smells and sounds of “La Boqueria” – the outdoor market that lies in the center of Barcelona. Fragrance No. 54 features absolutes of Vetiver, blended with Dewfruit Zest, Lemon Leaf and overtones of the Ruby Pomegranates that are so proudly out on display.

And I think they nailed the description. There’s an inherent freshness to this scent, but the underlying vetiver makes it feel warm, and calming. Almost like a hug. There’s a juiciness in the ruby pomegranate note that really explodes with the zest, and yet it doesn’t smell too sweet or overly potent. It just smells amazing.

I’m really sensitive to fragrance, and I’ve had a lot of hopes dashed when the description doesn’t match up with the reality of the notes. Here I genuinely feel like they nailed it.

Priced at $35 for a 55 hour candle, direct from the Archipelago site, I think these are an amazing deal, especially considering competitors would be priced at about $65.

Product sample was sent over for review by the brand, but the above review is my heartfelt opinion.

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