Workshop Coffee Co. in Clerkenwell

When I’m in London it’s usually just passing through for a short while, so I always have lots of people to see and places to be when I’m there. I maximize my time by making sure I have lots of breakfast and lunch meetings, and on this most recent trip I was lucky enough to visit Workshop Coffee Co., a delightful spot in Clerkenwell.

The space feels a bit like a creative hub, and I could easily see lots of work meetings taking place here. In fact, I was meeting with an old friend and former classmate who is a fellow creative based near London — check out for more info on Kate and her business, etc. (Hi Kate!)

Back at Workshop, the place is bright and airy, with a variety of tables placed around around a central coffee bar. Covered in blonde wood, the bar acts as a grounding point for the space, and gives a sort of “health spa” grounded feel to the place. Overall, the space is your hipster chic blend of bold and minimal accents, roughened up brick walls, and dangling industrial lighting. A living wall at the back of beckoned me to come closer, although I didn’t, and I felt like each table was rather private, which was an unusual but appreciated effect, as there were quite a few settings scattered about.

I had the Brioche French Toast, which was served with poached rhubarb, orange mascarpone, and hazelnuts. A beautiful medley of flavors, and the rhubarb kept things from being too saccharine. A bit tart and sour, it was a twist on the usual french toast option.

And, this being a general coffee mecca, I will be totally up front and say that I’m not as bean obsessed as a lot of people out there. I went for a “flat white,” which was a new-to-me drink I copied off of Kate. A “flat white” is when you pour steamed milk WITH foam over a double shot of espresso — as opposed to a latte, which is just the warmed liquid milk. More or less. It’s delicious all the same, and was a velvetier option than your typical latte.

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Jeff Smith

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