I’ve never suffered from dry skin, but this winter my skin has taken a real beating. After food poisoning I was having a hard time staying hydrated, and I noticed the effects in my skin. Coupled with a new apartemnt where the heat is positively infernal, and the air is super dry, and I’ve been feeling more like a molting duck than the radiant peacock I’d rather be seen as. But this is it. This is the one. My knight in shining armor.

Weleda Skin Food is a super rich, hydrating cream that I’m obsessed with. Certified natural skincare, there are no chemical ingredients and it’s free from synthetic fragrance and petrochemicals. The formula is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E from organic sunflower seed oil, which takes care of  dryness on your elbows, hands, and feet; likewise, organic pansy calms dry irritation. Soothing rosemary leaf extract brings mild antiseptic properties, and organic calendula flower extract gently nourishes dry skin.

After I cleanse my skin I’ll use this as my go-to moisturizer. It’s really thick and gives the skin a bit of a sheen at first, although I’ve noticed it dulls a bit and I just look like I have glowing, healthy skin. It is heavier, and I find that it lasts all day without me needed to add more, even if I’m out working in the cold or wind.

I will say, my skin isn’t oily and I’m not prone to acne or anything like that — for those of you who are, this might be a bit too heavy and borderline greasy to use as an everyday moisturizer if you’re prone to oil or breakouts. I’d either use just a little bit, or use it more as treatment mask — apply it and let it soak in for a little bit before wiping it off of the skin.

That said, I adore this and don’t know how I lived without it.

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