I’ve always been enamored with the 30s and 40s. The architecture, art, and styles always just seemed so elegant and effortless. And while I’m definitely a child of my own generation, I still always have those old fashion black and white pictures in the back of my mind when I’m getting dressed up. In today’s disposable culture I think there’s something to be said for things that stand the time.


There’s a picture of Gene Kelly that’s one of my favorites. He just seems like the guy you want to be when you grow up, you know? And he’s wearing a grey sweatshirt with super high waisted trousers, much like these. So boom. Done. If it’s good enough for Gene then it’s good enough for me.


This look works because the sweatshirt is actually cropped, sitting right around my belly button — usually sweatshirts hang lower, which is why they don’t always look the most put together. The trousers are super high waisted yet have a bit of a “bag trouser” flare to them, which gives them a bit of a sense of luxury and propriety.


I might not have to work in an office every week, but there are certainly times when I need to look more put together. This is something I might wear to a gallery opening in Paris in the Fall, or when I have to meet with a business client in the Spring and I don’t want to wear a full coat. I’m covered and comfortable, but the fabrics here are also great for that kind of transition weather.


Close out the look with my favorite pair of Bally shoes, which are in an oxblood with a tailored detailing. And a bit of a scuff, which I clearly need to sort out.

Vintage Sweatshirt / Vintage Trousers / Bally Shoes

Photos by Falcon Griffith – @_falconcara_