I’ve always said that I’m not too crazy about pattern — unless it’s a stripe — but I am a big fan of texture. I love textiles, and I could spend a whole day looking at fabrics. I love the whole process. And For me this office look is all about texture, and using it to create a polished look that’s still something a bit unexpected.



The shirt is one of my favorites, and I had to get it even though I was on a super budget at the time. But you know, sometimes things just need to happen. I like that this shirt is all about pattern, yet it still doesn’t scream or shout for attention. Ok, maybe that’s debatable — the ikat pocket and collar are pretty loud. But the front of the shirt looks pretty business enough, with a subtle “raindrop” pattern on the front.



The best part of this shirt is definitely the back — and it’s always important to leave behind a good impression. This is something of a party shirt, and would look great mingling in a crowd, but it’s also just hanging out doing it’s thing. Again, it’s all about texture, and that’s the reason that while it is a somewhat loud pattern, it’s never going to be outspoken. The muted color palette and the fabric itself are key.

20150401-IMG_4533The trousers were a $1 thrift store find, and coordinate beautifully with a  pair of classic Bally dress shoes.

Topman Shirt / Vintage Trousers / Bally Shoes

Photos by Falcon Griffith – @_falconcara_