Nonotak Studio Show in Greenpoint

It takes a lot to get me to venture to Brooklyn these days. I’ve lived in Manhattan for almost 3 years, and I feel like I sort of “did” Brooklyn a lot in those early

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill. Ahhhh, old money. And college students. Situated in downtown Boston, the neighborhood is an intersection of families, students, tourists, and medical staffers from the Mass General hospital. Packed with charm, Beacon Hill is


Formaggio is one of those places from the movies. You know what I mean — one of those places that the protagonist goes to, and you’re like, “Wait, that kind of place doesn’t actually exist.

South End Secret Garden

Every now and again you just need to slip away, which is why I love the Berkeley Community Garden in Boston’s South End neighborhood. When the flowers and plants are in full bloom, it’s like

Secrets The Vine Cancun

Giafrese does Spring Break? Oh hey! Well, sort of. Work has been great, but three months of working practically night and day, every day, well, it starts to get to you. This winter has been

Chocolate Ganache

Adapted from Thomas Keller (of French Laundry fame)’s recipe. This is the sort of recipe that makes cooking feels like magic: who knew you’re only ever three steps from ganache? Ingredients 4 oz really good

Olive Oil Sundae

Vanilla Ice Cream with Sea Salt, Olive Oil, and Chocolate Marin County just north of San Francisco smells like juniper and wildflowers. It’s home to Picco Pizzeria. Their pizza is great, but it’s really their

Arugula & Mint Salad

An infinitely variable salad. Substitute basil for mint; goat cheese for mozzarella; baby spinach for arugula. Add Sicilian tuna and olives to turn it into lunch. It’s best when the cherry tomatoes are overflowing at

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