As a photographer, New York Fashion Week is my busiest season. Twice a year the fashion industry turns the city into a veritable obstacle course, with shows scattered all over the city, resulting in a game of scheduling and navigation via foot, subway, and, of course, the much beloved black town car. This season I was lucky enough to attend a few shows as a guest, but it didn’t feel right going without a camera, so I decided to make a video of the Timo Weiland show.

The clothes were pretty sublime, and everything the models were wearing seemed like it would be right at home in my closet. The velvet and corduroy pants stood out to me the most, as they looked super comfortable but incredibly put together. I like to keep things pretty simple, but I think I’ll be investing in a pair once they hit the stores.

The use of jewel tones with such rich fabrics gave the collection an incredibly luxe feeling, with the pops of bottle green and cobalt blue providing a nice shot of intensity, and thus a bit of freshness.

Also of note, the designers collaborate with my much beloved Clarks on the footwear. Desert boots in green and black leathers were my favorite, and they even featured a pair of desert boots with a nice, chunky white sole, which I’ve worn a few times on the site, proving good style is always in season.

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