Bit by bit I’m easing myself back into the art of layering. I used to be all about scarves and sweaters, but I’m still holding on to my tank tops. Here I took a basic black tank and made it seasonally appropriate by layering on a flannel shirt and wrapping on a scarf.



It’s a pretty simple outfit, but keeping the colors in sync makes it look a little more polished. Normally I’m not really one for matchy-matchy, but here I think it works — playing with the different textures via the knit scarf and the heavier flannel keeps the look from being too precious.


This is one of those outfits where it comes down to the accessories. The scarf I’ve had forever and I love because it’s a pretty unique color — it’s a shade of green that reminds me of Paris, ever so lightly faded and just the perfect proportion. Because it’s not super cold yet I don’t need something heavier, but it still keeps my neck quite warm. It’s super snuggly, which is always great.


Adding on sunglasses is key, since the latitudes are shifting and that afternoon sun is rather piercing over and through the skyscrapers of New York. I’ve been obsessed with these Arnette sunglasses, which the guys were ever so kind to send over, and I’ve become a convert. They’re really quite light, and add a nice polish to the outfit.


Boots I got on eBay and are a brand named Tony Lama. I’m all for the fringe detail on these, as it adds a very subtle, but precise detail. It’s always the little things that add up to a bigger effect, and it’s totally true here. The color is also a bit of a departure from my usual black, but I think it’s a bit softer and perfect for the transitioning weather. No need to dress glum when the weather’s already kind of gloomy.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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