If I tell you to think of that picture perfect NYC coffee shop, chances are pretty good you’ll come up with something along the lines of Think Coffee, down on Mercer Street in Greenwich Village. Good coffee, good snacks, and a good selection of seating make this a great place to sit back and get to studying/working. When you walk in, you’ll be taken over by the size of the space — soaring ceilings and tons of exposed brick give the place an industrial look, while the various seating areas, from the cafe style tables and chairs in the front to the big comfy couches in the back, keep the place feeling warm and cozy. The Free WiFi is also ace. Now, I’m not one for super hustle and bustle while I’m working, so I’ll say Think is a bit too active for me to work during the afternoons when all of the local students are in full force, but I love it in the evenings, when things have calmed down a little bit and it’s more quiet study sessions going on. Their coffee is quite delicious, and while I got my usual cappuccino when I went, friends got good old fashioned regular coffee and enjoyed that just as much. Dedicated to free trade and high quality coffee, Think has actually taken matters into their own hands and makes visits to their suppliers to decide what’s what. Pretty cool. When I was there I snacked on an brie and apple sandwich on baguette while I worked, and I found it to be perfect excuse to take a break in between edits. I should also say there are several different Think locations throughout the city, so if you need a fix, chances are there might be one closer to you.

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