In pop culture there’s that joke about the people who work in fashion, or other creative fields, and how they all seem to dress head-to-toe in black. The reason why, in my opinion, is that these are people who have to deal with so many colors, concepts, and crazy things on a daily basis, that their wardrobes mellow out in order to provide a bit of respite from it all. One less thing to think about, one less decision.

It’s no different for me. When I’m working, my go-to is defintely black on black. I have about a million decisions to make regarding lighting, styling, camera placement, angles, and then finessing people’s lines if I’m doing video. Yikes! And I’d rather like to look polished when I’m working, so it’s the simplicity that I’m after.


I’ve always been a fan of a basic black t-shirt, and this is where things become about fit and texture. I have a ton of black t-shirts, but they’re all different — necklines, fabrics, textures, and the cut of sleeves are where I keep things from becoming boring. Though, I will stay that I stay away from the long-sleeved button up, as then I just feel like a waiter.

While the t-shirts come and go, my staple is without a doubt the Levi’s 510. I have them in a bunch of different colors, but the black with a bit of stretch is my favorite. Yes, stretch — I’m up and down, moving around getting shots, and the last thing I need to worry about is my pants ripping. Because that already happened once, backstage at Marchesa. So not chic.

The fit on these Levi’s phenomenal, the quality is durable, and the price is great — around $60, which you can get on sale from time to time.

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