Well, it’s another cold Monday in the city of New York. After a lovely weekend of sunshine and good times with friends, we’re all back at our desks and under our blankets. I’ve had this shearling jacket for a few years now, and I have to say, I haven’t worn it nearly as much as I have this last winter.


This was one of my happier finds on eBay. I’m a big fan of second-hand, thrift, and vintage, because I really enjoy the hunt — not knowing exactly what you’re going to find or when. There’s a little bit of adrenaline involved and I’m into it. Also, there’s the fact that you’re likely going to have a one-of-a-kind piece that’s exciting. I like clothes with stories.



My wardrobe has always tended to be a bit monochromatic and simple. For as long as I can remember I’ve had some sort of black t-shirt and jeans uniform, though the cut of the jeans has changed just as the neckline on the t-shirt. These days I’m partial to a lighter wash denim or a nice pair of black jeans, paired with a scoop neck shirt. Since it’s so cold today I paired it with a super warm flannel — $9 on sale at Urban Outfitters, oh hi.



The glasses were sent over by the kind fellows at Spy Optic, and I have to say, I’m pretty sure these were made for me. They’re constructed from handmade acetate with a metal logo and accent, and they’re done up in a “Happy Grey Green” glass — a proprietary blend that filters the wavelength of light that makes us happier. And I’m all for a boost of smiles.  You can pick yours up on the Spy Optic site for $129.95.



As I mentioned above I’ve always had a uniform of black t and jeans, and I’ve also had a propensity for finding the loudest footwear imaginable. These highlighter yellow, obscenely dayglo kicks are some recent purchases, and I couldn’t be more excited about them. While the color is shocking — and definitely grabs attention, which I didn’t quite account for — they’re still relatively simple, so you can pair them with just about anything. While footwear is more of an investment then a shirt, I think you get way more wear out of nice shoes, and for me, they always add a bit of zest to a dreary day.


Photo courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

Sunglasses courtesy of the brand. 

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