Part of my M.O. with this blog is finding the balance between budget and splurge. On knowing when to go for the upgrade, or maybe grab a sandwich at the bodega and call it a day.

One of my favorite splurges is hiring a driver every now and then.

I’m kind of addicted to Uber. It’s an amazing iPhone app that’s basically like the Knight Bus from Harry Potter — I take out my phone, drop a pin where I am, and BOOM, private car picks me up in about 5 minutes. Could not be easier. I’ve used it all over New York City, and I even used it in Paris when I needed to get to the train station — I don’t even know how taxis work in Paris, so this was a total lifesaver.


When I was in Cancun, I arranged a private transfer because I was swamped with work before I left, and didn’t feel like I had enough time to figure things out on my own. By having someone waiting for me at the gate I eliminated the need for worry, and likewise, the process was seamless. No haggling, no struggling to find cash or wondering what the exchange rate actually was — everything was paid for before I even got there.

I went with CancunShuttle, and couldn’t have been happier with the process. I went with the VIP option, and an SUV was ready and waiting to whisk me away to my hotel.

Likewise, another time I’ve gone for the private driver was when transferring between Gatwick and Heathrow. I was on a trip with my mom, and between the two of us it actually wasn’t that much more expensive than the other options. And it was about a million times more convenient and comfortable.

So is it usually the cheapest option? Not necessarily. But the value comes from the overall experience, and the peace of mind it brings. Also, it’s a great and easy way to add a “jet set” feel to your trip — you’re on vacation, so why not indulge?

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