Living in Midtown as I do, I see a lot of boring business blues — it is possible to do the look with some panache. The shirt is one of my favorites, a vintage find that is wonderfully well made, and beautifully tailored to me — right off the rack, as it were. There’s a subtle stripe pattern that I love, and the more oversized collar adds just a dash of different.


When I was getting dressed I tried a wider belt, but it made the look feel frumpy. Paying attention to scale is where you can see the biggest difference with the smallest amount of change. The belt is very thin and the color adds the perfect punch to the look.


A few seasons back Burberry did the looped belt and I loved the look, and still do. So maybe the look has been “done” and maybe I’m too late to the party, but I would have to politely disagree with you. I think it adds just enough to the look without overpowering.


Now, I understand that those of you who do work in offices would never be able to get away with the Converse things, but who knows, maybe it’s something different to do on a Casual Friday. The rest of the look says “business,” so I think you could get away with it — just own it, and pack a pair of loafers in your bag.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese


The Gucci Trousers via @MATCHES_MAN

Part of the reason I like shopping thrift stores is the rush you get when you find that perfect vintage piece. I was both giddy and dumbfounded when I found this pair of pants because they were seemingly tailored for me — literally a perfect fit. With a  slim leg, a dapper crease, a little cuff, and a higher rise than I’m used to, these are the perfect trousers.

Now, I was lucky and paid about $1 for my pants. Hi, thrifty. But for the sake of styling, let’s pretend they’re this pair of flat front trousers from Gucci. Because they’re unbelievably identical in color, cut, and fit.

You can pick yours up at for $524.

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