The Gucci Trousers: The Office T-Shirt

I talk a lot about how I like mixing more casual pieces with dressier items. I always feel a bit suffocated when I’m fully suited-and-booted, so I have to find a balance somewhere. I’m in love with these trousers, in a super mod cut, done in an olive colored fabric that’s traditional yet still stands out.


One of my favorite things to pair with dress pants are actually t-shirts. But not your everyday, oversized shirt — these need to be in great condition, and have a super streamlined and slim cut. The reason it works is because it’s as sharp as tailoring.


Paired with a pair of woven leather shoes, this is a surefire way to lead with your best foot forward. Going with a dressier shoe keeps the look from looking sloppy.


Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese


The Gucci Trousers via @MATCHES_MAN

Part of the reason I like shopping thrift stores is the rush you get when you find that perfect vintage piece. I was both giddy and dumbfounded when I found this pair of pants because they were seemingly tailored for me — literally a perfect fit. With a  slim leg, a dapper crease, a little cuff, and a higher rise than I’m used to, these are the perfect trousers.

Now, I was lucky and paid about $1 for my pants. Hi, thrifty. But for the sake of styling, let’s pretend they’re this pair of flat front trousers from Gucci. Because they’re unbelievably identical in color, cut, and fit.

You can pick yours up at for $524.

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