Sometimes you simply need a change of perspective to refocus and recenter yourself. Lately I’ve been feeling kind of blah with New York, and after living amongst the grid, the skyscrapers, the throngs of people, you sort of lose touch with the reality of where you are.

Feeling adventurous, and wanting to take advantage of some glorious weather, I decided to hop aboard the East River Ferry. The 34th Street stop is right by my apartment, which is perfect, and took me to Brooklyn in about a half hour, give or take. I was able to sit on the top floor and enjoyed some stunning views of Manhattan.


Although the ferry has a few stops, it can really get you to a wide variety of places.


It’s $6 for a one-way ticket, but you can go from Midtown all the way to Wall Street with just one ticket, and really enjoy the views, passing under three of Manhattan’s iconic bridges. I haven’t made that journey yet, but will be doing so in the upcoming weeks this summer.

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