The Beehive

The Beehive is definitely worth the buzz, a place with live music that boasts a menu with global flair. Located in the heart of Boston’s South End neighborhood, right on Tremont Street, it’s a definite must.

Now, I’m really not sure where to go with this post because I feel like I can sum up The Beehive in about three sentences — “The food is amazing. The place is perfect. You HAVE to go.” But that’s not really a post, so here’s the low down:

There are several spaces here, starting with the upstairs bar that overlooks the stage downstairs. There are also some tables up here, and if you’re in a larger group for dinner, this is where I would tell you to request. You have a bit of a view, a bit of privacy, and you’re not super crowded. Downstairs is a seating area right in front of the stage, perfect for canoodling while listening to the music. If you’re going for just drinks, then this would be your spot. To the left from here is more of a main dining area, with another bar. This space is wider and more open, so of the three, it’s probably the most practical if you’re in a group who wants to hang out at the bar without feeling cramped.

Overall, it has a bit of an Alice in Wonderland vibe, with brick walls and velvet curtains draped about, which look perfectly crazy-cozy in the warm lighting.

Now, the food. Like. Hello. One of my favorites are the Moroccan cigars, which are lamb-filled phyllo spring rolls. They ring in at $10.50, and are totally worth it. Billed as an appetizer, I think you could get away with these as a light dinner. They’re warm and spicy, with a variety of textures to please your palette. And they’re totally different — I love fusion food because it’s a little of this, a little of that, which is always a perfect way to shake things up. The truffled potato and cheese pierogies are ridiculous comfort food, and one of my favorites when it’s colder outside. They warm you up instantly.

I have to tell you about the Beehive Frites, and yes they deserve a separate paragraph because they’re just that good. They’re served with sage and sea salt, and my mouth is watering just talking about them. They’re hot and crispy, thinly sliced just like I like my fries, and hands down, I can’t think of anything more perfect to enjoy while watching the show with a cocktail.

And the Drinks list is also right up there, my favorite being one of their many champagne cocktails. Truth be told I can’t remember the name of it, but pick and choose and enjoy — the last time I was here everyone I was with got something different, and nobody was unhappy. I’ll just say if it’s muddled, it’s probably what I had, and I got two. But I plead the fifth and digress…

The Beehive really is one of the more unique places I’ve been, with a great soulful atmosphere. It’s kind of what Boston is all about, with great food, great drinks, and a decidedly bohemian flair that seems right at home in this city of intellectuals.

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