“A face mask?” Most guys would balk at the idea. They seem overly complicated, fussy, and unnecessary. At least those were my general thoughts before I came upon the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask.

Now it’s one of my essentials. It’s a clear mask, very jelly like, and glides across the face quite easily. Apply a generous coat across the entire face, and it dries clear, so you can go about your business without anyone knowing that you’re doing your grooming thing. I usually leave it on for about 15 minutes and then wash it off with water and a clean face cloth.

Ingredients like pink french clay reduce pore size while also detoxifying the skin and toning without stripping natural face oils. Beet extract promotes hydration, white willow extract exfoliates and relieves redness, while aloe vera helps repair damaged tissues while simultaneously hydrating. This mask is amazing because it leaves your skin looking glowing and ultimately refreshed.

I’ve said before that I don’t really like a ton of beauty products. Keep it simple, is my general motto in life. This product is perfect because it’s one application, and I feel like it works instantly. For real. For me, the texture of my skin feels flawless, skin looks brighter, and my face feels clean without being tight or sensitive.

If I have a blemish, or feel one coming on, all I have to do is use this as a spot treatment and it’s zapped overnight. No redness, no nonsense, no embarrassment.

When it was a million degrees in the city this summer, this was essential to keeping my pores and skin from feeling like they had been volcanically pulverized. Aka, this mask gets its job done, but it’s also super gentle and refreshing.

This is an all natural product and the essential oils and ingredients have an intoxicating scent. Nothing added, nothing extra, just high quality ingredients.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, Tata Harper is one of my clients for videography work, so I know more about it than the average Joe. That said, I’ve forced at least three friends to buy this product because it really is that good. Aka they pay me for photos, not product reviews.

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