Some people start their day with coffee, I start my day with this face cleanser. And then a cup of coffee. Living in NYC the world is incredibly hectic, and on days that my schedule is jam packed, this is something to look toward to.

Loaded with essential oils, this is a delicious smelling cleanser that’s highly effective, but incredibly gentle. There’s a mild surfactant in the form of ground apricot seed, which gives a bit of a gentle scrub without tearing your skin. I’ve tried other cleansers with “ground seeds” that felt more like gravel, but this one really is super gentle. Honest.

There’s also aloe vera, which helps stimulate healthy cell growth, which is always important as our skin is constantly replenishing itself. And then there’s also grapefruit and bergamot essential oils, which help ease congestion and freshen the skin, while also contributing to that delicious aroma. These oils will help cleanse without stripping your skin of your own natural oils, which means your face won’t feel like Saran Wrap once you’ve finished, which is kind of a thumbs up in my book.

Extra perks include pink French clay which helps suck up and get rid of excess oil, and a bit of salicylic acid in the form of willow bark helps even skin tone.

Priced at $75 a pop, this is a bit of a pricier product, but it’s one that I’m addicted to. It’s all natural and made in small batches in Vermont, so when you order you’re getting a super fresh, super effective treatment.

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