I think most people forget about their lips when it comes to skincare. The focus is on moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating, and sunscreen, so by the time we’ve slathered ourselves up I think we’re about ready to run out the door on our way to daily life.

But the lips are skin too, and are actually the most delicate of skin. They bear the brunt of daily life, everything from pollution to constant sun exposure, so it’s the lips that start to show aging first.

One of my favorite lip products is the Be True Lip Treatment from Tata Harper Skincare. Hyperpacked with natural ingredients, it’s a dream product that gives your lips a rich hydrating boost, to help with dry, chapped lips.

It also gives your lips a bit of a boost, but does so in a gentle way — none of the usual snake venom nonsense that causes a chemical reaction in your lips, aka irritation. Tata Harper Skincare touts its Bio-Fill technology, which helps reduce wrinkles and lip lines, all safe and non-toxic.

Ingredients like olive oil, avocado oil, and beeswax make this a really effective, hydrating product. It smells and tastes like honey, and I’m quite ok with that.

While the $28.00 price tag might seem steep, there aren’t any fillers in this product, so you really just need two swipes — left to right and back again — and you’re good to go for the day. There’s a bit of a glossy finish, so I usually dab my lips on the back of my hand, so there’s no sheen left. Bonus effect is I guess I’m also moisturizing the back of my hand, yeah?

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