I feel like climbing things is an inherently toursity thing to do. What is it about flying halfway around the world that makes us want to scale the tallest tower and take stock of things?

Hotel Americano Rooftop

I’m all about a good rooftop bar — part of Manhattan’s charm are the iconic skyscrapers, and there’s no feeling quite like being perched up in the sky, especially in the summertime. One of my favorite

The East River Ferry

Sometimes you simply need a change of perspective to refocus and recenter yourself. Lately I’ve been feeling kind of blah with New York, and after living amongst the grid, the skyscrapers, the throngs of people,

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is one of my favorite fairy tale places in Paris. Somewhat removed from the main area of the city, this park always feels entirely

Revel Resort

I recently went to Cancun, and the trip away was exactly what I needed. A bit of glitz, and just the feeling of being away. A little bit ago I was feeling the same way,

Summer on the High Line

Summer in New York City is pretty awesome — New Yorkers suffer through abominable snowstorms and wind, and our reward is a beautiful summer, albeit hot and humid on the subways. This year, however, has

On Saying Yes

It’s easy to settle into routine, and yet while most of us are aware of the usual routine thing — the same breakfast, bedtime, or route to work — I don’t think most people realize

Hundred Acres

I’m a fan of finding new places the old-fashioned way — wandering by, taking a look at the menu, and then wandering in. The other day my friend and I were supposed to go to

Jardin du Palais-Royal

I believe it was serendipity that brought me to the Jardin du Palais-Royale, when I wandered through the neighborhood and found one of the side entrances. There was a sense of mystery that intrigued, so

Le Bain

Now I know all of you trendy little things already know about The Standard in New York City, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded. After what seems like endless cold, and buckets of rain,

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