Hundred Acres

I’m a fan of finding new places the old-fashioned way — wandering by, taking a look at the menu, and then wandering in. The other day my friend and I were supposed to go to

Bowery Hotel Lobby Bar

The Bowery Hotel is at the top of my list when it comes to style, character, and perfect execution on detail. It’s a beautifully rendered experience, one that delivers right down to the lobby bar.

Brattle Street Books

The last time I was at Brattle Street Books in Boston, there was a rabbi shipping a collection of religious texts from the 1880’s back to Israel. I, however, opted not to pay the hundreds


I recently went to Alder in New York City, which I can best describe as an approachably experimental restaurant, with a touch of German flair. Sometimes it’s a good thing to venture out from the

McNally Jackson

When it comes to bookstores, I’m of the firm belief that more isn’t always better. I prefer curated and quality over mass selection, which is why McNally Jackson in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood is

Le Bain

Now I know all of you trendy little things already know about The Standard in New York City, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded. After what seems like endless cold, and buckets of rain,

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill. Ahhhh, old money. And college students. Situated in downtown Boston, the neighborhood is an intersection of families, students, tourists, and medical staffers from the Mass General hospital. Packed with charm, Beacon Hill is


Formaggio is one of those places from the movies. You know what I mean — one of those places that the protagonist goes to, and you’re like, “Wait, that kind of place doesn’t actually exist.

Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe

The North End is known for one thing: canolis. Canolis, however, don’t really speak to me. Cupcakes do. Lulu’s is hands down the best cupcake shop in Boston, tucked away on Salem Street in the

SoWa Open Market

I’m all about a good story, and I think the reason I love flea markets so much is there are so many unique objects that you just know have a great backstory. There’s history and

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