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A Touch of Cobalt: Jacket

A lot of people think they should buy their basics and staples in black. It’s simple, it’s safe, and it will definitely go with everything. But at the same time, it’s pretty boring. While maybe

On Attention To Detail

I’ve always had an appreciation for jackets and evening wear, but the reality is, day or night,  I’m most often in a black t shirt and jeans. My crowded closet is stuffed with blazers in every color

On Letting Go

I’ve always prided myself on my ability to see the potential in people and situations. I can wander into a dilapidated house and I see not not the broken floorboards but what it’ll look like after

Fit In Flannel

Everything that’s old is one day new again, and the grungy flannel looks of my childhood have been back with a vengeance these days. I was never really that grungy skater kid, so I never

City Chic in Denim and Waxed Cotton

I think most people move to NYC and go through some kind of style evolution. Or at least the people who work in the creative industries. The idea of a uniform becomes more appealing, although

On Italian Time

It might have been more than a hot minute since I’ve lived in Italy, but there are some habits you just can’t unlearn. If we’re hanging out, there’s a pretty definite a chance I will

Kickstart #oldspice

I think of myself as an entrepreneur. Every single day is a whole set of new challenges and opportunities, and every single morning I greet the day with fresh eyes. Or at least I always

Time for Layers

Bit by bit I’m easing myself back into the art of layering. I used to be all about scarves and sweaters, but I’m still holding on to my tank tops. Here I took a basic

Everyday Athlete

Having lived in a climate with 4 separate seasons for my whole life, you’d think I’d be used to the time between fall and winter when it’s basically midnight at 5pm, and the first of

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