south end

The Beehive

The Beehive is definitely worth the buzz, a place with live music that boasts a menu with global flair. Located in the heart of Boston’s South End neighborhood, right on Tremont Street, it’s a definite


Formaggio is one of those places from the movies. You know what I mean — one of those places that the protagonist goes to, and you’re like, “Wait, that kind of place doesn’t actually exist.

South End Buttery

I love The Buttery in Boston’s South End neighborhood because it’s almost three delicious restaurants in one. The cafe portion of The Buttery is set up so you can grab a seat in the windows

SoWa Open Market

I’m all about a good story, and I think the reason I love flea markets so much is there are so many unique objects that you just know have a great backstory. There’s history and

The Wholy Grain

So I’m kind of a coffee snob, but then again, I suppose what self-respecting hipster isn’t, right? Anyway, when I find a good cup of coffee I get pretty excited, and I’m really excited about