Underwest Donuts

So I kind of have this thing with donuts. Every now and again I just get a craving, and who am I to say no to these things? While I’ve complained about the lack of

Salvation Taco

Murray Hill isn’t known for it’s culinary offerings, but it’s still close enough to my apartment that I’m always looking for the next hidden gem. My most recent discovery was Salvation Taco, located in the lobby of

Tu-lu’s Bakery

Responding to the growing demand and desire for high-quality gluten free products, Tu-Lu’s Bakery puts the heart back into gluten-free bakery. Dedicated to delivering baked goods that are both delicious and beautiful, special attention is

Hotel Americano Rooftop

I’m all about a good rooftop bar — part of Manhattan’s charm are the iconic skyscrapers, and there’s no feeling quite like being perched up in the sky, especially in the summertime. One of my favorite

Bar Prima

Small and charming is generally what I look for in a drinks destination, and I’m always stumbling (figuratively!) into new places. One such discovery was on the Upper East Side, not too long ago, when

Please Don’t Tell

While I’ve been a longtime of Crif Dogs — read all about that here — there is one place that I’ve only recently had the pleasure of venturing into. And that would be Please Don’t

The Penrose

New York City is very much a city of neighborhoods. People generally don’t leave a specific ten block radius, and it often seems like each little neighborhood is a world away from the others. I’ve

Cafe Macchiato

Three words: maple pecan danish. That’s it. Review done. Because once you’ve had one of these, you’ll never want to eat anything else. Cafe Macchiato is a small chain here in New York City that


There’s just something special about a secret garden. And a secret garden is probably one of the last things you would expect in Midtown East of New York City, but that’s precisely what you’ll find

The Malt House

Greenwich Village isn’t usually a New York neighborhood I typically visit. I’m often passing through on my way to the West Village or the East Village, so it was a bit of surprise when a

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