Weleda Skin Food

I’ve never suffered from dry skin, but this winter my skin has taken a real beating. After food poisoning I was having a hard time staying hydrated, and I noticed the effects in my skin.

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

Before I moved to NYC and started working in beauty, I really didn’t know anything about grooming. I was supposed to wash my face and that was it, right? Oh, how much we learn. As I’ve

BiothermHomme AQUAPOWER Moisturizer

The BiothermHomme AQUAPOWER is one of my favorite moisturizers out there. I found it while travelling — hey Duty Free, you’re looking cute today — and I make it a ritual when I travel to

Korres Yoghurt Instant Soothing Gel

Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel is one of my summertime favorites, but now that it’s winter and everyone seems to be jetting off to tropical locales, I feel like it’s as good a time as ever

C. Booth Italian Olive Oil Body Butter

I’m kind of a snob about my olive oil, after living in Italy and experiencing the real stuff fresh from the olive groves. On salad, on pasta, on a piece of bread, it’s rich and

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