The Value of Time

I’ve just returned to New York from 18 days on the road. Paris, Athens, a Greek Island, Rome, and Copenhagen. It was a dream of a trip and it was a much needed “reset” button


There are always two sides to every story, especially when you work in the creative world. There’s the gritty, unfiltered behind-the-scenes back-and-forth that drives everything forward, and there’s the glossy, front-of-house show, which is the result

202 London

Just off Portobello Road, there are few places I’ve ever been that are like 202, as it combines fashion, retail, and modern dining, in a spacious, inspiring space. If Ab Fab were done up by

On Finding Voice

I wrote my first 50,000 word novel in 7th grade. I had an actively updated, in-depth LiveJournal for 8 years. My undergraduate degree is in Marketing Communications and Creative Writing and I wrote a collection

On Motivation

Over the last few weeks I have trudged through the slush and sloppiness known as winter in the city. I’ve dealt with rush hour traffic — meaning possibly billions of people crammed into subways and

On Nervous Laughter

I’m a nervous laugher. I never thought I was until I started working out. Every single time my trainer would explain how to do a move that I thought was out of my reach I

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