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Sheer Between The Lines

People love telling you what they don’t like. Unsolicited rants and tirades, and long winded monologues about things that really don’t matter. “Who cares?” is all I really have to say most days. People love

Breton Stripes & Shredded Jeans

After weeks of sunshine today is muggy and overcast, yesterday’s sunshine replaced by cloudy skies. I woke to rainstorms and I thought it was Wednesday — indicative of the mid-week slump I’ve been feeling. After

Afternoons in the Park

It seems like the weather is forever oscillating between the seasons. One day it’s sweltering, the next we’re swimming in cold, torrential downpours. On the rare occasion we do manage to hold on to our

Throwovers and Popped Collars

Sometimes all it takes is a comfy sweater and a little sunshine on your back and things just feel better. I was in the garden by my house just the other day and the light

When Camo Met Cardigan

Growing up, I don’t think you could’ve paid me to wear camo. I was always more of a city mouse than a country mouse –still am, for the most part — and camo was definitely