A Touch of Cobalt: Jacket

A lot of people think they should buy their basics and staples in black. It’s simple, it’s safe, and it will definitely go with everything. But at the same time, it’s pretty boring. While maybe

A Touch of Cobalt: Tank Top

As the weather finally gets warmer, I’m all for those tank top moments. But on the occasional day where it’s a bit breezier, I find myself reaching for a good denim shirt. I’ve had this

Inspiration Blooms from the 80s

I’ve been on a bit of an 80s kick lately. I’m not quite sure, but I’m sure it has something to do with my recent desire to move to Miami Beach. Yes, I’ve been considering

Riviera Daydreams

Another weekend in the city where it’s been grey, overcast, and rainy — seriously, what’s up with this weather? I’m doing everything to get into those summer spirits, but we’re just not quite there. Another


After an endless, miserable winter it seems like the city is finally springing back into life. The sun has been out, the air has been warm, and I’m quite happy to say life has been

On Attention To Detail

I’ve always had an appreciation for jackets and evening wear, but the reality is, day or night,  I’m most often in a black t shirt and jeans. My crowded closet is stuffed with blazers in every color

On Finding Voice

I wrote my first 50,000 word novel in 7th grade. I had an actively updated, in-depth LiveJournal for 8 years. My undergraduate degree is in Marketing Communications and Creative Writing and I wrote a collection

Writing on the Wall

Well, it’s been a while, but here we are again. The summer has always been my favorite, and it seems like it goes by quicker every year. A long, wicked winter made sure I cherished every

Velveteen Dream

Fashion Week wrapped just a short few weeks ago here in NYC, and one of the trends in menswear that I saw for Fall/Winter 2014 was velvet. Rich and luxurious, this is a fabric that