Le Mary Celeste

Every time I go to Paris I discover some new little place. Sometimes it’s a place I’ve read about, sometimes it’s somewhere I just stumble across, and sometimes it’s somewhere a friend takes me to.

Hotel Americano Rooftop

I’m all about a good rooftop bar — part of Manhattan’s charm are the iconic skyscrapers, and there’s no feeling quite like being perched up in the sky, especially in the summertime. One of my favorite

Hudson Clearwater

While my relationship with New York is something of a love-hate roller coaster ride, no matter what happens, one thing I so love about this city are the endless surprises just around the corner, no

Giant Robot

On my recent trip to London, I fell in love with the Clerkenwell neighborhood, and one of my favorite spots for dinner in the neighborhood is Giant Robot, right in the middle of things on


It seems a bit odd to leave New York for London only to find myself in a Jewish deli, but sometimes you just have to accept life and move it along. A dear friend in

The Zetter Townhouse

On my most recent trip to London I have to say, I fell in love with the city. After a few years of living in New York, London seemed more quaint and charming, and less

Mohawk Bend

If Brooklyn and Hollywood had a lovechild, I’m fairly certain it would be Mohawk Bend. I was out in LA for a work trip a little while ago, and I have to say, al dramatic


Blockheads is a bit of an institution in the city of New York. And by institution, I mean I’m here every week, usually multiple times, in one of their many locations. I wouldn’t describe the

Stanley’s Pharmacy

One sunny afternoon I was on an adventure with friends in the Lower East Side, and we fortuitously discovered Stanley’s Pharmacy, a wonderful neighborhood shop that’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Founded by Stanley George,

Antica Pesa

After living in Italy for a few years, I’m pretty picky about my Italian food, and I don’t really believe in paying a lot for a plate of pasta. Sorry, but I know what goes

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