Afternoons in the Park

It seems like the weather is forever oscillating between the seasons. One day it’s sweltering, the next we’re swimming in cold, torrential downpours. On the rare occasion we do manage to hold on to our

Slouchy Stripes

I’ve had this cardigan for about five years now, and it’s still one of my favorites. I thought it was a little over the top when I first bought it, but I’ve since come to

A Gold Star Cardigan

There’s nothing like a healthy dose of sunshine to really boost your mood. Throw on a pair of sunglasses and head out into the world, and it seems like nothing can stop you. Simply perfect.

Cranberry, Cream, and Green

Sometimes it’s the unlikeliest of combinations that produce the best results. Contrasting elements can create an unexpected harmony, one richer and more vibrant than what we might traditionally expect. When I was pulling together ideas

Swagger #oldspice

Most of the time I would say my style is relatively calm, cool, and collected. I consider myself someone who flies under the radar most times, but every now and again I get an impulse

Style Between The Lines

I’ve always had a thing for stripes. I’m not big on patterns or prints or logos, but stripes and I go way back. There’s a black and white photo of me from when I’m about

On Wanderlust

Wanderlust is the intense feeling of needing to get away. An urge for the unexpected, the adventurous. Wanderlust has been a guiding force for me, and it’s led me all over the world, mostly for

When Camo Met Cardigan

Growing up, I don’t think you could’ve paid me to wear camo. I was always more of a city mouse than a country mouse –still am, for the most part — and camo was definitely