Workshop Coffee Co. in Clerkenwell

When I’m in London it’s usually just passing through for a short while, so I always have lots of people to see and places to be when I’m there. I maximize my time by making

Granger & Co. in Clerkenwell

Located in Clerkenwell, a new-to-me neighborhood this time in London, and I had the distinct pleasuring of enjoying breakfast at Granger & Co. while I was in town visiting friends. Granger & Co. is precisely what I

The Dandelion Pub

It’s said that in life we really can never truly go back to repeat the past, and thus we must always live in the present with our eyes on the future. Or something like that.


There’s just something special about a secret garden. And a secret garden is probably one of the last things you would expect in Midtown East of New York City, but that’s precisely what you’ll find


Just the other day I was supposed to meet up with an editor friend who was in town for fashion week. We had decided on brunch, and were originally going to head to Hundred Acres,


You know those times when you want comfort food, but you also kind of want to see and be seen? Taking the high road in getting over someone, a more sociable wallowing and all that


My grandmother is an amazing cook, and her food veers towards southern comfort without going hog wild. Peels, on the border of New York’s East Village, delivers a similarly comforting dining experience, but with a


Let’s talk about brunch. Specifically, brunch at Essex, right here in New York City, which is arguably the capital of the weekend tradition. I had never heard of Essex until I got a text from


See that up there? That’s a beauty, that is. Chicken salad with dill on an everything bagel. It’s pretty close to nirvana, and you can find it at Bagelworks on the Upper East Side in

South End Buttery

I love The Buttery in Boston’s South End neighborhood because it’s almost three delicious restaurants in one. The cafe portion of The Buttery is set up so you can grab a seat in the windows

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