On Streaming In

Well here we are, and the first month of 2016 has officially closed. Much like the tides, daily life ebbs and flows. Sometimes things are chaotic and sometimes they’re calm, but lately things have been on

On Biding Time

Where does the time go these days? Another week has come and gone, and I’m still adjusting to my new office job. Getting used to processes, systems, and schedules — there’s always something to do

On Letting Go

I’ve always prided myself on my ability to see the potential in people and situations. I can wander into a dilapidated house and I see not not the broken floorboards but what it’ll look like after

A Gold Star Cardigan

There’s nothing like a healthy dose of sunshine to really boost your mood. Throw on a pair of sunglasses and head out into the world, and it seems like nothing can stop you. Simply perfect.

Comfort in Contrasts

I know you hear me say it all the time, but my style is typically casual but pulled together. I’m all about jeans, and it’s typically never that you’ll find me in a button up.

Jacket Season

When the weather turns cold it seems like everyone heads straight for the black peacoat. Simple, utilitarian, it goes with everything. But it’s also a little bit boring, and I think adds to the general

Saint Laurent It’s Not, Grunge Chic

Whatever your opinions on the new Saint Laurent, you can’t really deny grunge is having a moment right now. While I’m all for wild hair and a general je ne sais quoi, I just can’t