Country Wedding

I wasn’t invited to any summer weddings, although this is probably what I would try to get away with if it were out in the country somewhere. I’ve always been fond of flouting the rules

Vintage Trousers, 2 Ways: The Sweatshirt

I’ve always been enamored with the 30s and 40s. The architecture, art, and styles always just seemed so elegant and effortless. And while I’m definitely a child of my own generation, I still always have

Easier than Bulking: Color Blocking

After working in fashion for a while you learn that oftentimes illusions are far more powerful than reality. Trompe-l’œil is a tool unlike any other, whether it be with makeup or clothing. One such trick

On Wanderlust

Wanderlust is the intense feeling of needing to get away. An urge for the unexpected, the adventurous. Wanderlust has been a guiding force for me, and it’s led me all over the world, mostly for

The Chunky Knit

I lived in Italy for a while, and navy was huge — to this day I can’t see the color without thinking of all the ways people in Italy wear it. My favorite way just

The Neoprene T

Maybe I’m a bit of a rebel, or maybe it’s just because I don’t work in corporate, but my idea of business attire may be slightly skewed. I think you can get away with jeans