Style for me has always been about feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing. That’s not to say sweatpants and flip flops, but rather things should fit and should make you feel more secure, or like the person you want to become.


I found this cardigan a few years ago when I was still an undergrad. Going to school in Boston, there was always a bit of a Harvard vibe in the air, and this sweater played right into that. I liked how it was simple, but also had a vibrant pop of color. It was something different from the usual college sweatshirts, yet it was super comfortable and easy to pull on for those 8am classes (…which, just, no, never again.)


Flash forward to nowadays when I’m looking through, and I find this Saint Laurent cardigan. Granted this one is mohair and has more of an exaggerated fit, but still, basically the same sweater.


Saint Laurent black and red striped mohair cardigan from


As I said before, style is about comfort, but it’s also timeless. The pieces you should buy should last you quite a while. Even if your style changes, as mine certainly has from my college days, if you opt for simpler, well made pieces, chances are you can reinterpret them over and over, saving you money in the long run.


I’m also more than likely to save on my clothes, and splurge on accessories. I was grateful for the guys over at to send me these glasses, but I jumped at the chance to pick up these New Balance sneakers when I was at Urban Outfitters. Love the pop of color, and the rugged styling.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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