Maybe this isn’t the most off the radar spot, but I’m kind of crazy about morning hikes in Runyon Canyon. This being Los Angeles, everyone is living that freelance lifestyle, so it’s kind of neat to see everyone getting their fitness on and enjoying the SoCal sunshine.

Runyon Canyon is a 160 acre park in LA that has sweeping views of the Hollywood Sign and out over the sprawling city.¬†Located in the Hollywood Hills, there’s bound to be a celebrity sighting or two. When I was last here, there was a witch from True Blood, and two tv shoots going on. Oh hey, industry, how you doing?

I like that it’s easy to get to, and it’s really not that challenging of a hike — unless you want it to be. There’s a super intense hike, which takes you in and around the entirety of the canyon and right up to the tippy top of the park, but we went with the medium/easy route, and while our heartbeats revved a bit, we weren’t D.O.A. once we made it to the top.

While I wasn’t driving, parking is a bit of a grab for all, and you kind of have to wander around the neighborhoods surrounding the park to score some of that coveted street parking action.

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