Roebling Tea Room

Hard to believe it’s already the middle of January — the weeks have FLOWN by. Work is great, and I have some new projects underway, which is super exciting. I had a meeting in Brooklyn this morning to discuss details and meet with some new people.

The location was Roebling Tea Room. I had never been before, and I arrived earlier than my friends, so I basically had the place to myself. Warm, inviting, and relaxing, I felt like I had wandered into a country inn. The weather today was positively Siberian, and I felt the Tea Room was the perfect place to warm up and relax with a nice mug of coffee.

I ordered the egg and cheese with bacon, which was served on the most amazing poppy seed bread I’ve never even thought was possible.  Think the doughy amazing part of an English muffin, and then apply that to the entirety of roll. Topped with poppy seeds. Super excited.

My friend ordered the jasmine tea, and I wish I had as well — the smell was sublime and the serving was more than generous.

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