Another weekend in the city where it’s been grey, overcast, and rainy — seriously, what’s up with this weather? I’m doing everything to get into those summer spirits, but we’re just not quite there. Another weekend lost in riviera daydreams.



I’ve had this tunic in my closet for literally years. I picked it up for a song at H&M, and I never had the chance to wear it. With the recent dip in temperatures I thought it was a perfect mix, as the linen slub material reminds me of the beaches and those summer breezes, wherever they might be, and the long sleeves are perfect for the chill in the air.


New for me, however, are the shredded jeans. While I’ve always loved the way the look, I’ve never found much luck in finding a pair to call my own. Until I found these everything I tried on was either too destroyed (where’s the pants?) or the fit was just horrible (I’ll pass on diaper butt, thanks.) These are in a killer off white grey shade that’s equal parts grunge and refined. Perfect for summer dalliances.




I think everyone looks good in a great pair of sunglasses, and I obviously am a fan since I’m just about always wearing a pair. These are a pair of oversized tortoiseshell  aviators that I picked up for a song at H&M ($9, thanks), and the best part might be the fact everyone always thinks they’re way more expensive than they actually are. Good style doesn’t need to be expensive. And I also don’t have to worry about these since they were so inexpensive — who needs to stress about something happening to them at the beach?



Hopefully I’ll be wearing this outfit on the Riviera soon enough, but in the meantime I’ll stick to the safety of my favorite park in Tudor City, and I’ll just daydream the rain away.



Tunic, sunglasses, tank top by H&M / Gennaro Jeans

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker

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