I rarely become obsessed with a product to the point where I’ll refuse to get rid of a container, even if it’s empty. That’s the story with this body wash. Ren Skincare Neroli and Grapefruit body wash smells divine, and is one of my daily indulgences that I can’t get enough of. As in, I still refuse to get rid of the bottle even though it’s empty, because I haven’t gotten more to replace it yet.

Formulated with Neroli OIl distilled from Tunisian Orange Blossoms and cold pressed grapefruit oil, this is one delightfully aromatic product. Ren is made with only 100% plant and mineral derived actives, and is free from synthetics. So the fragrance you’re smelling is divine — it’s the real deal, and I’m a huge fan of that.

For me this is a super hydrating body wash, and it’s one that while is a great sensory experience while I’m using it in the shower, once I’m done my skin doesn’t reek of unwanted fragrance. There’s a light scent that lingers, and dissipates by the time I’ve gotten dressed and want to spray on my fragrance for the day. My skin also feels super moisturized and cleansed without feeling tight or stripped of it’s natural oils, and I love this in the winter and colder months. The citrusy scent provides a nice burst of freshness, and is the perfect antidote for those cool weather blues.

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