When the cold weather hits, my hands always feel it first. My cuticles dry out and I feel like I can never get enough water — seriously though, why do I shrivel up like a dead leaf once the summer heat goes away? When the desertification starts, I find myself reaching for super conditioning moisturizers, like the REN Skincare Evercalm day cream.

I came across this one in Copenhagen during the winter, when the air is cold and dry and the winds are pretty strong. Not exactly hospitable weather. This cream came to the rescue, though, and it’s super hydrating and absorbs incredibly quickly, even though its a heavier formulation. This has an almost whipped quality, but once it’s absorbed there’s zero greasy residue.

REN products are formulated using the latest high-tech plant and mineral actives that are clinically tested and free from chemical irritants for gorgeous, proven results. And this cream is one of my favorites, because it takes that technology and delivers a thick, creamy formula that really works.

Some of the active ingredients include:

  • Omega 3 and 7 from Arctic Blackcurrant Seed and Arctic Seabuckthorn Berry Oil: Help to reduce skin inflammation and irritation.
  • Bisabolol: Soothes and reduces redness.
  • Global Protection Complex with Antileukine from Ochroleuca Seaweed, Tocotrienols from Arctic Cranberry Seed Oil, Kaempferol from Candle Tree Leaves, and Leghemoglobin from Kudzu Zymbiozome: This powerful blend of antioxidants and free radical scavengers protect the skin against UV induced damage and premature aging.

This is supposed to be for your face and neck, but I like using it on my hands as well. Like I said, my cuticles dry out and it’s just not comfortable. An odd situation to need remedied, but hey, we all have our weirdness to deal with.

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