When I was little there was a stream behind our house that I would play in. I would take off my shoes and socks and send them downriver, little boats silently sent to their demise at the waterfall at the end.

These days I try and keep things as sock-free as possible, but there does come a time now and again when you need a proper pair of socks.

For those of you in a dressier environment, this usually means those thin and uncomfortable socks that are just kind of miserable. Honestly, I usually wear my ankle socks from the gym when I need a good pair, and it seems the team over at Proper Socks had similar ideas.

Proper Socks takes the comfort of an athletic sock and pairs it with more presentable stylings. How divine! They sent over a pair for me to take for a test run, and I can happily vouch that they are super thick and comfy, and thoroughly presentable. I scored a pair of their Chi-Towns, which have an electric colored sole — kind of the same idea as sexy underwear, you’ll feel extra confident with your own little secret.

They still need your help, though, so head on over to Kickstarter and buy your own pair, or they’re a perfect gift for the dapper men in your lives.

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