Responsibilities: creative lead; strategy; casting; location scouting; on-figure and still life styling; art direction; video editing; photo retouching; manage production team and freelancers

  • Led and grew Garnier account from one-off $25,000 project to $1.5 million+ of ongoing business.
  • Launched 17 products across hair and skincare categories in 16 months.
  • Delivered ~150 assets per month… video, gif, still, editorial, etc.
  • Developed and implemented new tone guide for social media content.
  • Devised content strategy and creative executions to harmonize 5 disparate product lines, while differentiating assets in style and application.
  • Translated messaging from Paris Global into viable strategies for US market.
    • Creative strategy later adopted by Paris Global and pushed as brand standard.
  • Launched natural skincare line to market with stand out ingredient-focused strategy, differentiating from existing sister brands to position as a millennial “must have.”
  • #HowIMask Campaign
    • Creative strategy, art direction, and delivery of 20 video assets.
    • In 3 weeks, tasked with 360 campaign for new sheet mask collection to replace AOR assets that were off-brand and off strategy.
    • Aired across organic and paid social, and on Hulu and ABC digital as :15 spot.
  • Created unique stop-motion treatment for channel to maximize media spend. Assets are most successful media on channel with 300% higher views/engagement vs standard content.
  • Worked with teams at Facebook, Snapchat, Google, YouTube to create “Best In Category” campaigns.
  • Cast 50+ models to reflect multicultural consumers and elevate brand cool factor.

Media:​ packaging, point-of-purchase, broadcast, long & short format video, stop-motion, gif, cinemagraph, editorial, campaign, and evergreen content


Hair tutorials are a staple of Garnier’s social strategy, yet the brand wasn’t producing unique content, only reposting UGC. Assessing this as an opportunity to own the discussion, I developed an instantly identifiable visual treatment for the brand’s hair tutorial videos, choosing a stopmotion style for accessibility and to stand out across digital channels. With casting and wardrobe choices, we created a youthful and fun series of tutorials to educate viewers in an eye catching way.

Content evolved into series of 25 full length hair tutorials, numerous cut-downs, and a variety of stopmotions.

SkinActive Naturals

Soothe, purify, and refresh your skin with Garnier’s new formulas made with Rose Water, Green Tea, and Aloe Juice. 96% naturally-derived skincare formulated with no parabens, no silicones, no dyes, and no sulfates.

To launch new natural skincare line, Garnier needed a campaign that was youthful, fun, and relevant to a Millennial target, while standing out in a competitive market saturated with greenwashing. 

I created a multifaceted creative plan to establish the line in an eye-catching, digital-first way, while respecting the integral natural ingredients.

Creative focus was to celebrate the natural ingredients, but to treat them in a modern, pop art approach, to keep things feeling fresh and modern. I looked to social media trends, tapping into trending holographic and mermaid vibes to create a suite of product shots, lifestyle images, stopmotions, gifs, and short videos.

For casting and wardrobe, I created a visual reference to the nearly-natural concept, selecting a group of girls with more edge than the usual Garnier girl, accenting their personalities with a modern and trend-conscious styling of sequins, shredded denims, and pastel tones.


Nutrisse delivers richer, more radiant, long-lasting color with 100% gray coverage.  Olia is oil based, permanent that gives brilliant dimension and visibly healthier hair.

Cast 13 models for 15 hair colors, working with L’Oreal Color professionals to identify and select girls with the right hair type, texture, and suitability for the coloring process. Created a series of social media content that speaks to a traditionally Millenial audience, while balancing looks and styling to also speak to older key demographic currently purchasing product in stores.

Shot 75 different hairstyles across a 5 day shoot. Styling elevated our #GarnierGirl, bringing in some feminine appeal, while focusing on the hair.


Nutrisse Ultra Color delivers bold, boosted color that nourishes your hair. Dark Intense Violet. Light Cool Denim. Lightest Platinum. Light Intense Auburn.

Nutrisse’s 2017 launches were bold, bright, unexpected, and rooted in social media trends. Tapping into what was happening concurrently in the high fashion world , I created a concept that brought a grittier edge to the usual #GarnierGirl’s vibe, while still embodying the brand’s positive, youthful ethos. Cast 4 models for the line’s new electric launches, working with L’Oreal Color professionals to identify and select girls with the right hair type, texture, and suitability for the coloring process. Scouted a location that grounded our girls in a world where their hair colors not only made sense, but brought an aspirational quality to otherwise challenging colors.