product development, branding, packaging design, copywriting, social media content, photo/video, pr and influencer strategy, global logistics


Branding and logo design.

Formulated first scent, Hollywoodland.

Launched 3 scents in 2017, working with


Negotiated Q2 2019 retailer exclusive.

Packaging Design, including sourcing custom eco-friendly papers.

Sourced and negotiated with manufacturers in France, China, and US.

Global logistics for manufacturing, transit, and warehousing.

Hired global team of consultants for sales, distribution, and formulation.

Led e-commerce build out, and 3 successive evolutions.

2019 Redesign

In honor of the brand’s 5 Year Anniversary, launch a redesign of secondary packaging that spoke to the brand’s elevated core DNA, while maintaining the eco-conscious mindset with which it was created. Inspired by the tactile nature of French linen and cotton textiles, the new wrap papers are embossed FSC certified papers, covering pulp board. 100% cotton drawer pulls provide a graphic pop, a tactile interactive element, while also being fully biodegradable.

Additional development and implementation of a cohesive secondary brand mark.

To launch the new look to market a new e-commerce site was developed, and a new creative direction was implemented across social content.



Petite Histoire was founded in 2013, the result of a passion for natural materials and a desire to create something unique in the marketplace.

I designed and executed our branding from logo to wrap paper. Our primary logo, the artist signature, was inspired by the idea of the handwritten signature on cherished love letters, as well as the idea of an artist signing his work — our natural perfumes are lush, layered, and decidedly works of art.

The original “signature croc” black packaging was inspired by natural materials and the stylings of traditional luxury accessories. In an effort to reduce waste, secondary packaging was designed to double as a travel-friendly case to protect the glass rollerball bottle.

The brand was launched on e-commerce and social media with a suite of imagery inspired by Art Deco New York, as well as wab-sabi concepts of beauty within imperfection. Natural materials, lived-in styling, and a magic sense of light brought these concepts to life. Animated visuals added a tactile, human quality to social channels, helping evoke the handcrafted nature of the line.




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