When it comes to shampoo I like to keep things as clean and simple as possible. Once you find out that the majority of shampoos are formulated with ingredients that actually chemically damage your hair — there’s a whole load of salt in the majority of shampoos out there — well, let’s just say you learn to look a little bit closer at the label and what you’re putting on your scalp.

I recently came across the Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Brilliance Shampoo and I’ve become kind of addicted to it. Formulated WITHOUT parabens, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, or phthalates, this is a rich and nourishing shampoo that smells amazing and makes my hair look insanely good. As in, if I don’t style my hair, I still get compliments on my “new haircut.” Compliments? Oh hi.

This is a coconut-based shampoo and is formulated to cleanse and rehydrate hair with jojoba oil, using a unique concentration of cornflower and mallow extracts to assist in the whole shebang. Do I know what the latter two do? Not so much — but the coconut scent is incredibly intoxicating, and jojoba oil is renowned for its hydrating effects, and I definitely feel like that effect shows up in my hair.

The packaging on this is super slick — an industrial chic, masculine aluminum bottle with simple labeling. Looks great in the shower, which we’re all aiming for, right? The consistency of this shampoo is a little thin, but that’s totally fine by me, as that means it doesn’t have the usual chemical thickeners (salts) that most thick, creamy shampoos have. A little bit goes a long way, and you’ll figure it out once you start using the product — just be aware the first time you use it, since it’s a screw lid and it pours out a little quickly.

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