From the amount of times I’ve talked about pastries and macarons, it’s clear that when I’m in Paris I’m usually on a mission for sweets. One of my favorite discoveries is the Patisserie Sadaharu.

There are a few locations in Paris, but the one I went to was in Saint-Germain, a bit of a trek from my usual haunts in the 3eme arrondissement, but totally worth the venture. While this is a Japanese fusion bakery, and as such has a variety of exotic treats and sweets, I was there for the macarons, so that’s what I’ll focus on here.

You have the usual vanilla and chocolate, but then as you start looking at the list you start seeing all kinda of exotic fruits, from guava to salted fig. Yep, salted fig. Because who knew that was even an option? I didn’t, but I’m glad it does but it had the depth of my favorite cassis, but it had an unexpected depth and tartness that was a pleasant surprise. There was also a green tea option that was, again, not something that I realized I needed in my life, but so glad it made its way in.

My tip is so wander here — and pay attention to the address, as the facade is a sheet of glass and very easy to miss — and the head to the Jardin du Luxembourg to find a bench, sit down, and indulge in a macaron or four.

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