I’m a big fan of coca butter — I love the way it smells, I love how I smell like baked goods when I use it, and in the end, I love the results. It’s something that really just works. Having tried a few different brands, I’ve settled on Palmer’s as my consistent go-to. The smell is lovely, and the quality is consistent.

The Lip Balm is super easy. It’s an oversized swivel chapstick, and the product itself glides on easily. It’s not sticky, and it’s not really waxy either, just the perfect consistency in my opinion. It goes on somewhat light, so you can really decided how much you want to use, depending on how dry or chapped your lips are. This works beautifully for me in the summer, when all the time on the beach starts to dry out my lips.

Bonus effect, I also use a swish of this overnight on my nose when I’ve gotten a bit too much sun, and it helps take away the redness. Useful for when I’m traveling and don’t have a ton of other products with me.

This is one of my favorites, and at $2.99, it’s a total bargain. This was actually a recommendation from a friend of mine, so I thought I’d pass it along.

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