I’m one of those people who finds a favorite and will then go out of my way to make the pilgrimage there, no matter what. Nonsensical, but in NYC I’ll travel twenty blocks for a bagel sandwich, or forty blocks for bao mis. I’m just that loyal — and I always believe it’s best to satisfy a craving with the real deal. For coffee, I’m only happy to venture downtown to Ost Coffee, in the East Village.

There’s just something special about this little coffee shop on the corner of 12th and Avenue A. I don’t know if it’s the marble topped tables, or the tiny-tiles on the floor, or the tin ceilings, or the walls of windows that open up in the summer, but it’s definitely some combination thereof. There’s something about the place that’s perfectly old timey and comfortable, casual and simple. Charming.

The last two times I’ve been I’ve gotten an iced soy latte, which runs about $5. The coffee is rich and flavorful, not burnt, and well, there’s not much to write about the soy milk, but I’m happy to spend the money and enjoy a quiet moment or two in the space.

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